Had a rough day at work, so that lead to a huge feast at Chipotle!! I'm so full even as I type, I'm having a hard time breathing LOL. Well today is my last day of cheating officially!! Let it be known!! I am not touching another empty carb until i drop these 20 darn lbs!! 
Today I skipped breakfast in a hurry out the door to church. I sure made up for the skipped breakfast and had a hefty serving of salad and while others around me indulged in the Cheeses of Italy, I opted for the Minestrone soup and Salad. The salad is not super low in calories because of all the dressing but I DID SKIP BREAKFAST...so i figured it was ok to dive in. I'm going to bed super early tonight. I didn't work out today so starting tomorrow (monday) I'll start working out 5 days a week..Well that's the plan at least!! I definitely need the encouragement to stay on track!! 
I went out last night, not a great way to start the morning. I'm laying in bed afraid for the challenge that lays ahead of me. It's safe here in my comfy bed far away from breakfast tacos and trail mix..(my weakness). So i'm about to get up and start my day. God please help me be good today is my prayer as a start this morning. My goals today are to eat right and get a workout in. We'll see how that went when I post later tonight.
It's night time and today I will give myself an A- 
Breakfast- Special K Chocolate shake
Lunch- 6inch Subway w/no mayo no cheese
Dinner- Well it's too late now..and i did start my day @2pm..
Going to Sleep now One day down 70 days more to go! Wish me Luck!!


    Trying to shed those lbs is not an easy task. This is a record of what will be my 2 month and 2 week journey to lose 20lbs.


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